Contact a minimum of 25 people prior to becoming a partner

“Hi [NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] have you got 2 minutes?”

I’m going through a process in becoming a partner with the discount club, because (your reason here).

The reason for calling you is that they’ve tasked me with contacting a minimum of 25 people just to ask them three questions.

Would it be OK to ask you the 3 questions?

<sure – go ahead etc>

Just a bit of background about the company, they’re on the FTSE 250, and they’ve been around over two decades, and they offer guaranteed savings on peoples’ essential services. The role involves sitting on someone’s sofa, showing them a short 10 minute presentation on a tablet, and answering a couple of questions

In your opinion, do you think that’s something I could do?

The next question is: most people do this alongside a full-time job, and for helping others I could be earning £500-£800 most months, and over time more.

Do you think that would be a good move for me?

And the last one is, once I’m registered & set up, would it be it OK if I do a free review for you, because I could with the experience, and there could be something in it for you?

<their reply – hopefully along the lines of “sure, when suits you”>

“OK, great – once I’ve started, I’ll give you a call & we can sort out a time when I can pop round?

 <then normal chit-chat & end call as normal>

 If they ask for more details:

“Well, to be fair, NAME, I haven’t started yet – it’s easier to show you in person, and I haven’t done my training yet…”