Try Contacting 25 people prior to becoming a partner

(BTW – it doesn’t have to be 25 people – it’s just better to have a larger number to start with, that’s all).

“Hi [NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] have you got 2 minutes?”

I’m thinking about partnering with a company that reduces peoples’ bills when they shop locally or online, because (your reason here).

Anyway, I’m asking 25 people I know well if they’d be OK to look at how this works, so they can recommend me on to their connections/friends as it just might help some people, especially right now.

Would it be OK if you were one of the 25?

<their reply – hopefully along the lines of “sure, when suits you”>

“OK, great – once I’ve started, I’ll give you a call & we can sort out a time when I can set up a screenshare.”

<then normal chit-chat & end call as normal>

If they ask for more details:

“Well, to be fair, NAME, I haven’t started yet – it’ll be much easier to show you on screen, and I haven’t done my training yet…”


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