Bill Run/Referrals Script

A useful script to call existing customers…bring on the referrals!
Hi…it’s just a quick call, how are you? It’s bill run this week so I wanted to check every thing is
You using the cashback card and app?
Downloaded the cashback wizard?
Do you have the number ready to order your bulbs and smart meter?
UW is great, isn’t it?
Glad you said that, I build by business by word of mouth, can you give me the names of three
people you can recommend me too? I’d like to help them save some money, as I did with you!
And if I can help them take what you have/all the services, then you’ll get £50 credit on your
bill for each one!
As we work on trust of course I won’t call them until you have checked it’s ok.

Business Launch Script (practice)

BUSINESS LAUNCH SCRIPT (practice version)

Hi [name]. How are you? [quick rapport]

Listen, it’s just a quick call, I’ve just started a new business and I’m after a favour.

I’m in my training phase and in order to complete my training I need to book 6 (supported) appointments (with my Supporting Partner).

I’m looking to do these in an over the phone or over the internet presentation, would you do me a massive favour and let us show it to you?

When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

Handling questions on the phone:

What should you say if that ask: “What is it? / What’s it all about?” There are multiple ways to reply:

I’ll show you when I see you. When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

You could even say:

It’s a visual thing – I’ll need to show you or we’ll be here all day! When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?


It’s just so I can tick off my training. When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?


Look, I’m new to this, if I explain over the phone I’ll mess it up. I really need to show you because that way I’ll do it right. When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

Or even:

Look, I really am trying to get my head around this myself, I’ve got a presentation that does it all for me. Would you mind if I just practice going through it with you and get your answers there? When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

Please note: This script can be used to organise both supported and solo appointments – simply say (the bracketed text) when a Supporting Partner is coming with you, and don’t say it if you’re going on your own!

Business Launch Script (referrals)

BUSINESS LAUNCH SCRIPT (referrals version)

Hi [NAME], I wonder if you can do me a favour? I’ve just started a new self-employed role & I’m looking for some help with getting the word out.

<they reply/chit chat/what is it?>

Thanks! The company I’m working with gives people the option to reduce their household bills when they shop locally or online. My trainer & I are showing people how this works on a  quick screenshare, so they can recommend me on to their connections after they’ve seen it. Would you be able to help in this way (You will not be sold to in any way – this is purely so I can get the word out!)

<yes, sure etc>

OK, thanks. Monday/Tuesday at 6:30pm is currently free here; let me know which works better for you.

OK, great – here’s the link:

<then normal chit-chat & end call as normal>

Handling questions:

If they ask for more details:

“Well, to be fair, NAME, I haven’t started yet – it’ll be much easier for my trainer & me to show you on screen. It’ll only take about 10-15 minutes for us to show you.”

Practice Script (Remote Working)

Hi…How are you?
Listen its just a quick call…

I’m working from home now and I need to get to grips with the new way of working.
Would you do me a massive favour and let me practise it with you? I just need
someone lovely and smiley to practise on.

Would that be ok?

Brilliant! When’s best…daytime or evening?

Win A Mini form Followup Script

Hi is that…? Ah great, it’s YOUR NAME, I hope you remember we met at PLACE YOU MET.

You might remember you entered a free prize draw. I told you about UW and you showed interest in finding out more about it.

I’m calling people that I haven’t yet helped because I’m really aware that with the current situation, most people are cutting costs as saving money is really critical for right now, isn’t it?

(let them agree 🙂 )

Great because that’s what we offer.

The great news is whereas we used to only work face to face, it’s now possible to show you over a telephone call, so 15/20 mins is all we’d need for you to see what we do and how we can help you; when works best for you, daytimes or evenings?

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