Try Contacting 25 people

(BTW – it doesn’t have to be 25 people – it’s just better to have a larger number to start with, that’s all).

Hi [NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] – listen, I want to have a catch up, but I wondered if you could do me a big favour and help me get the word out about a new way I’m helping people save money? (There might be something in it for you too.)

<sure/yes/what is it?>

Thanks! You might (or might not!) be aware that I work on a self-employed basis with a company that gives people the option to reduce their bills when they shop locally or online, and I’m asking 25 people I know well if I could show them  how this works, so they can recommend me on to their connections/friends after they’ve seen it.
Usually this is done face-to-face, but since we’re all self-isolating, I’m doing these online.
Would it be OK if you were one of the 25?
When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?
OK, great, here’s the link (or send it via chat/email):[YOURNAME]

<then normal chit-chat & end call as normal>

Handling questions on the phone:

If they ask for more details:

“Well, to be fair, NAME – it’ll be much to show you on screen. It’ll only take about 15-20 minutes.”


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