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Frequently Asked Questions

About Becoming a Partner

Are there any on-going costs?

Yes. After the first thirty days, you pay just £3/month which covers the costs of:

  • your hosted website & personalised partner email address
  • marketing materials
  • on-going training
  • regulatory licensing
  • and public liability insurance
Can I change my mind?

Yes – provided you attend the company’s training, and and make your request within 60 days, you can get a refund. Full details here.

Can I work my own hours?

Yes – you’re self-employed, so you can choose the hours you want to work, which could be as little as a few hours per month. It takes time and effort to build a secure financial future as a partner – the more you put in, the faster you’ll achieve your financial goals.

Do I have to build a team?

No. Many partners choose to focus on just gathering customers.

Do I have to go to lots of training?

No. It’s really up to you how much training you want, and your time. The two main intial trainings (both online, called “Online Training” & “Getting Started”) are obligatory, but all other trainings are optional, and can be done as and when you want.

Do I need experience?

No. There are people from every age and background earning an income with the company. Anyone can be successful.

Do I need to be a salesperson?

You can be, but that’s not a requirement. Because the company invest heavily on training, partners come from all walks of life have built successful businesses, from teachers, police officers, health-care workers, to professional drummers, and more.

Do I need to manage people?

No. Each partner is an independent distributor of the company’s products and services. You can decide whether or not you want to introduce other people to the business, and you can choose to solely focus on gathering customers if you prefer.

Do I need to support my customers?

No – the company’s head office in London has a dedicated team of over 1200 full-time employees who support and service customers.

Many partners do choose to keep in contact with their existing customers from time to time, however, as happy customers lead to on-going referrals.

Do I need to talk to friends & family about becoming a customer?

It depends on you. Some people prefer not to do this at all, and there are at least 5 other ways to grow a substantial business.

Do you have a magazine where I can find out more?

Yes, we have an online magazine here.

How do I find new customers?

There are several methods the company trains partners to become successful at gathering customers, but the primary method we prefer partners to use is through referrals and recommendations.

The company provides training on all of these methods, and you only need to become skilled in applying a couple of them to grow a successful business.

How do I get Referrals from new customers?

Full training on how to do this is provided by the company, both in online training modules and in small group training sessions.

How long do customers stay?

Customers who take all the services tend to stay for a long time (10 years is not at all uncommon) because they love the convenience of one monthly statement, the on-going permanent discounts on their services, and the company’s very good customer service record.

I want to become a partner – what do I do now?

To become a partner, visit the sign up page here.

Is there a joining fee?

Joining Fee
If you are an existing customer, or become a customer first, it costs just £10 to join as a Partner.

If you prefer not to become a customer, the cost to join as a Partner is £50.

The refund for anyone who becomes a customer within 30 days of joining as a Partner will be £40.

If you join as a new Partner (without becoming a customer), & you cancel your position within 14 days of joining, the refund will be £40.

If you join as a customer first, and then enrol as a Partner for £10, the refund will be £10.

What happens if I cancel my Partner position within 60 days of joining?
Provided you’ve completed the Getting Started online training within 7 days of joining, and Virtual Getting Started classroom training within 60 days of joining, if you decide that being a Partner isn’t for you, you’ll get a refund, but not the monthly £3 licence fee.

Is this a franchise?

Very similar, in that there is a startup cost. Typically, however, a franchise will cost tens or even hundreds of thousands to join, but you can start this business for as little as £50 and be in profit your first month.

What backgrounds do Partners have?

Partners come from every sector: business, the music industry, armed forces, police, healthcare, finance & more. Most of us work this business alongside a normal job, profession or around a passion/hobby, working part-time when we choose.

Click here to see how this opportunity has changed peoples’ lives.

What do I get?

You’ll get on-going free training to help build your business, your own website, access to the partner app to gather customers, and a supply of marketing materials.

What Do Partners Actually Do?

Simply put, we show people how to save money using a simple presentation and going through an online form, & then give them the opportunity to gain financial independence by partnering with us if they express an interest.

What happens in my first 45 days?

Your role in the first 45 days is to be mentored by the person who introduced you, and watch them run customer appointments. The company pays you both (so you can earn while you learn).

Why should I join?

Reasons include having a “Plan B”, earning an extra income, building a secure financial future, personal developmemt, time freedome, early retirement, helping others, meeting new people, and having your own business. What’s your why?

“Don’t wait until you’re thirsty before you dig your well.”

Will I get on-going support, or am I on my own?

You will get on-going support. The company spends several million pounds annually on providing free training for partners to become successful. Additionally, you’ll receive help and support from the partner who introduced you.

Will I need to be a utility expert?

No, You’ll be provided with everything you need to help people save money (& make money if they’re interested).

About the Company & Its Services

Does the company have any awards & endoresements?

The company has more than 30 endorsements from the UK’s leading consumer magazine (Which), and numerous awards spanning the last decade:

Historical Reviews:

Which? Utilities Brand Winner May 2018

Powering away to the Which? Utilities Provider of the Year is Utility Warehouse. Congratulations!

Which? Best Mobile Network April 2018

Which? Best Broadband Provider April 2018

Which? Energy Winners Jan 2018

Which? Telecoms Award Winners May 2017

Moneywise Awards 2017

Moneywise Gas – Top for Customer Service 2 years running

Moneywise Home Finance Awards, top in everything!

Insurance Products (search for Utility Warehouse):


How can I find out more about the services?

About the Income

How much can I earn?

When a new customer swaps who you’ve introduced, you earn some up-front income (as shown below), and after a a certain period of time, you’ll also start earning a small percentage of their monthly bill – which is a type of royalty income.

The size of the monthly income depends on how many services the customer takes, but it’s typically between £3-£5 per month, per customer.

If you wish to train others to become partners (and there is no obligation to do this), and you help them become successful at gathering customers, the company will also reward you a small additional monthly income from those customers too (typically £0.20 to £0.50 per “group customer”, per month).

See the following tables for some details on how much the up-front income is:

Customers who are Home Owners

Customers who are Tenants

How much is the residual income?

The Details
For the 30% of customers who don’t take all the services when they join, you earn an up-front payment of up to £50, plus a small percentage of their monthly bill for as long as they remain a customer. This is typically around £3-£5 per month, per customer, depending on how many services they use.

In addition, for the majority of the customers who do become multi-services when they join, after a period of time, you will start earning the same monthly percentage from their monthly bills.

Monthly residual income depends on the following:

  • You start earning this monthly income when you have introduced 3 customers
  • You need to gather a minimum of one customer per month
  • Once you reach 20 customers, you start getting paid residual monthly income on your customers’ telecommunications services (Broadband, landline, mobile), even if you don’t gather a customer for that month
  • Once you reach 50 customers, you will be paid residual monthly income on all your customers’ services, even if you don’t gather a customer for that month.

Lastly, when you reach 100 (and similarly 200) customers total, you will gain a monthly percentage bonus on your residual income. Full details of this can be obtained on request.

How much can this be in practice?

The actual amount will depend on the average number of services your customer base has, but it’s typically between 3 and 5 services, which averages somewhere between £3-£5/month per customers.

So if you have introduced 100 customers to the company, a £300 per month residual income is not unusual. And, as mentioned above, once you have more than 50 customers, you’ll get paid this residual income month in, month out. Don’t forget, if you sign up a customer in any given month, you will also receive the customer bonus as outlined in “How much can I earn?”

What’s the catch?

Silly answer: Cod or haddock.

Proper answer: whilst this is a very simple business (all we’re doing is filling in an online form with somebody remotely, or face to face, that takes about 15-20 minutes maximum), it’s not always easy.

The reason for this, is that not everyone wants to swap their services at any given moment (so if the timing isn’t right, we just ask to keep in touch & if they’re happy with that, just contact them again in the future, when the timing’s better).

Sometimes people are rightfully skeptical, due to past experiences (which is why we must never tell them we can save them any money – instead, we just fill in the online form with them, and let the numbers help them make their own decision).

It’s tempting to think that everyone would want the simplicity of a single bill, the support from a local partner (you), and an entirely UK-based company – but not everyone does. People get comfortable, they’re afraid of change, even if it could benefit them, and so on. For those people, we just ask them politely if they’d pass us on to some of their contacts who we might be able to help.

So you can see from the above, that you need to have patience, be organised, respect people’s decisions, and be other-centered in your approach. And all those things are not always easy, but like any habit, they can become simple over many repetitions, especially with support from your mentor (me), and the company.


Local Businesses

Direct Approach (approaching them for savings)

Hi, is that ******** ?


Hi, my names’s YOUR NAME, I run a business like yourself. The reason for the call is that at the moment, a lot of local businesses have been struggling with cashflow since the lockdown, and so we’re offering a free bill review for your business & home-setup to see if we can help reduce your spend, and if we can’t, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Is that something you’d be open to looking at?


No: OK, no problem, thanks for your time anyway – have a great day.

Yes: OK, great. It takes about 15-20 minutes over the phone to for one of my colleagues, Dez, or myself to see if we can help; at the moment this evening or tomorrow after 6pm is clear; which of those works better for you?

<tomorrow at 6pm>

OK, I’ll give you a call tomorrow at 6pm. If you can find an energy bill beforehand, that’ll make sure we give you a more realistic quote.

<they reply>

OK, great, speak with you tomorrow at 6pm. Oh, one last thing, if you need to change the time or day for whatever reason, if you could let me know beforehand, that would be very helpful.

Indirect Approach (Going for Referrals)

Hi, is that ******** ?


Hi, my names’s YOUR NAME, I run a business like yourself. The reason for the call is that at the moment, a lot of local people your business serves have been struggling with cashflow since the lockdown, and so we’re offering them a free bill review for their home-setup to see if we can help reduce their spend, and if we can’t, we’ll be the first to let them know.

And if they become a customer as a result of you referring them to us, we’ll pay you £50 as a thank you.

Is that something you’d like to like me to send over some more details?


No: OK, no problem, thanks for your time anyway – have a great day.

Yes: OK, great. I’ll text over some details now & once you’ve had a look through, we can have a brief chat about how it works in practise. Is that OK?

<yes, sure>

OK, great it’ll take about 5 minutes to read through the info- how soon can you have a quick look?

<now/half an hour>

OK, I’ll give you a call back in ********

Message to text them:



Bill Run/Referrals Script

A useful script to call existing customers…bring on the referrals!
Hi…it’s just a quick call, how are you? It’s bill run this week so I wanted to check every thing is
You using the cashback card and app?
Downloaded the cashback wizard?
Do you have the number ready to order your bulbs and smart meter?
UW is great, isn’t it?
Glad you said that, I build by business by word of mouth, can you give me the names of three
people you can recommend me too? I’d like to help them save some money, as I did with you!
And if I can help them take what you have/all the services, then you’ll get £50 credit on your
bill for each one!
As we work on trust of course I won’t call them until you have checked it’s ok.

Business Launch Script (practice)

BUSINESS LAUNCH SCRIPT (practice version)

Hi [name]. How are you? [quick rapport]

Listen, it’s just a quick call, I’ve just started a new business and I’m after a favour.

I’m in my training phase and in order to complete my training I need to book 6 (supported) appointments (with my Supporting Partner).

I’m looking to do these in an over the phone or over the internet presentation, would you do me a massive favour and let us show it to you?

When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

Handling questions on the phone:

What should you say if that ask: “What is it? / What’s it all about?” There are multiple ways to reply:

I’ll show you when I see you. When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

You could even say:

It’s a visual thing – I’ll need to show you or we’ll be here all day! When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?


It’s just so I can tick off my training. When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?


Look, I’m new to this, if I explain over the phone I’ll mess it up. I really need to show you because that way I’ll do it right. When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

Or even:

Look, I really am trying to get my head around this myself, I’ve got a presentation that does it all for me. Would you mind if I just practice going through it with you and get your answers there? When are you free? Monday or Tuesday? 7pm or 8pm?

Please note: This script can be used to organise both supported and solo appointments – simply say (the bracketed text) when a Supporting Partner is coming with you, and don’t say it if you’re going on your own!

Business Launch Script (referrals)

BUSINESS LAUNCH SCRIPT (referrals version)

Hi [NAME], I wonder if you can do me a favour? I’ve just started a new self-employed role & I’m looking for some help with getting the word out.

<they reply/chit chat/what is it?>

Thanks! The company I’m working with gives people the option to reduce their household bills when they shop locally or online. My trainer & I are showing people how this works on a  quick screenshare, so they can recommend me on to their connections after they’ve seen it. Would you be able to help in this way (You will not be sold to in any way – this is purely so I can get the word out!)

<yes, sure etc>

OK, thanks. Monday/Tuesday at 6:30pm is currently free here; let me know which works better for you.

OK, great – here’s the link:

<then normal chit-chat & end call as normal>

Handling questions:

If they ask for more details:

“Well, to be fair, NAME, I haven’t started yet – it’ll be much easier for my trainer & me to show you on screen. It’ll only take about 10-15 minutes for us to show you.”

Practice Script (Remote Working)

Hi…How are you?
Listen its just a quick call…

I’m working from home now and I need to get to grips with the new way of working.
Would you do me a massive favour and let me practise it with you? I just need
someone lovely and smiley to practise on.

Would that be ok?

Brilliant! When’s best…daytime or evening?

Win A Mini form Followup Script

Hi is that…? Ah great, it’s YOUR NAME, I hope you remember we met at PLACE YOU MET.

You might remember you entered a free prize draw. I told you about UW and you showed interest in finding out more about it.

I’m calling people that I haven’t yet helped because I’m really aware that with the current situation, most people are cutting costs as saving money is really critical for right now, isn’t it?

(let them agree 🙂 )

Great because that’s what we offer.

The great news is whereas we used to only work face to face, it’s now possible to show you over a telephone call, so 15/20 mins is all we’d need for you to see what we do and how we can help you; when works best for you, daytimes or evenings?

More Information