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Although Penny & Jim were just part of the story on the previous page, in real life, we’ve found that great results come from training and collaborating with new partners, rather than them working independently too soon.

To that end, to help us both see if what we have is a good fit with your life-goals and ambitions, let us know below what outcomes you’re looking to achieve with the royalty income you’ll gain.

Be assured that there’s no right or wrong answers here- honesty is far more preferable than anything that attempts to impress!

We do know however, that people with big goals and ambitions tend to get better results in whatever area of life they’re looking to improve, and we have the right vehicle to make that happen, so it’s on that basis that we ask.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to just watch the video overview of the company that we’re working with, click here.

Goals & Ambitions

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