Silly answer: Cod or haddock.

Proper answer: whilst this is a very simple business (all we’re doing is filling in an online form with somebody remotely, or face to face, that takes about 15-20 minutes maximum), it’s not always easy.

The reason for this, is that not everyone wants to swap their services at any given moment (so if the timing isn’t right, we just ask to keep in touch & if they’re happy with that, just contact them again in the future, when the timing’s better).

Sometimes people are rightfully skeptical, due to past experiences (which is why we must never tell them we can save them any money – instead, we just fill in the online form with them, and let the numbers help them make their own decision).

It’s tempting to think that everyone would want the simplicity of a single bill, the support from a local partner (you), and an entirely UK-based company – but not everyone does. People get comfortable, they’re afraid of change, even if it could benefit them, and so on. For those people, we just ask them politely if they’d pass us on to some of their contacts who we might be able to help.

So you can see from the above, that you need to have patience, be organised, respect people’s decisions, and be other-centered in your approach. And all those things are not always easy, but like any habit, they can become simple over many repetitions, especially with support from your mentor (me), and the company.

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