Joining Fee
If you are an existing customer, or become a customer first, it costs just £10 to join as a Partner.

If you prefer not to become a customer, the cost to join as a Partner is £50.

The refund for anyone who becomes a customer within 30 days of joining as a Partner will be £40.

If you join as a new Partner (without becoming a customer), & you cancel your position within 14 days of joining, the refund will be £40.

If you join as a customer first, and then enrol as a Partner for £10, the refund will be £10.

What happens if I cancel my Partner position within 60 days of joining?
Provided you’ve completed the Getting Started online training within 7 days of joining, and Virtual Getting Started classroom training within 60 days of joining, if you decide that being a Partner isn’t for you, you’ll get a refund, but not the monthly £3 licence fee.

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