The Details
For the 30% of customers who don’t take all the services when they join, you earn an up-front payment of up to £50, plus a small percentage of their monthly bill for as long as they remain a customer. This is typically around £3-£5 per month, per customer, depending on how many services they use.

In addition, for the majority of the customers who do become multi-services when they join, after a period of time, you will start earning the same monthly percentage from their monthly bills.

Monthly residual income depends on the following:

  • You start earning this monthly income when you have introduced 3 customers
  • You need to gather a minimum of one customer per month
  • Once you reach 20 customers, you start getting paid residual monthly income on your customers’ telecommunications services (Broadband, landline, mobile), even if you don’t gather a customer for that month
  • Once you reach 50 customers, you will be paid residual monthly income on all your customers’ services, even if you don’t gather a customer for that month.

Lastly, when you reach 100 (and similarly 200) customers total, you will gain a monthly percentage bonus on your residual income. Full details of this can be obtained on request.

How much can this be in practice?

The actual amount will depend on the average number of services your customer base has, but it’s typically between 3 and 5 services, which averages somewhere between £3-£5/month per customers.

So if you have introduced 100 customers to the company, a £300 per month residual income is not unusual. And, as mentioned above, once you have more than 50 customers, you’ll get paid this residual income month in, month out. Don’t forget, if you sign up a customer in any given month, you will also receive the customer bonus as outlined in “How much can I earn?”

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