When you gather a new customer who takes all the services (and around two-thirds do), you can earn £250 for each of the first 3 customers in a month. If you gather any more customers within that month, your payment for each customer gathered (new & existing) increases to £350.

For example, if you gathered 3 of these all-service customers in a month, you would earn:

3 x £250 = £750 in one month

If you gathered just one more additional all-service customer on top of the three, in that month, instead, you would earn:

4 x £350 = £1400 in one month

(& thereafter, each all-service customer gathered earns you £350, so if you gather 6 such customers in a month, you would earn 6 x £350 in that month, and so on).

Note: after a period of time, you also start earning a small royalty income from each customer’s spend, typically around £3-£5/month per average household.