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If it’s helpful, use the info below as a summary, and start building your list!

FURTHER INFORMATION (if you just want a written summary)

USING THE F.R.O.G.S. acronym, add names to List Building Tool on the Partner Portal, or if you prefer, put them in a dedicated contacts book. Identify people that you know in each category. REMEMBER: *DO NOT* think to yourself whether they are appropriate for this business!

Don’t put off doing this activity. Make it the baseline thing you try to add to ON A DAILY basis – even if you can only manage one name in a day. There will sometimes be periods of your life when you are just too busy to do anything else, but always make a couple of minutes a day to add to your list.

At this stage, you are just doing a “raw brain dump” of all your contacts & connections.

Write down EVERYBODY *except* people you really would never want to work with (but remember, even those people know other people, so you can still get ideas from the “No way!” people you have known in your life 🙂 )

NOTE: You are not going to contact everybody on this list straight away; think of this as your master list that you can continue to grow & expand over time, and create a habit of contacting 5 people per day. You can use the scripts on this page as a jump-off point of what to write or say (use your normal method of communication – phone/text/Whatsapp/Messagenger etc).

Write down names, or “name prompts” if you don’t know their names. DON’T bother with phone numbers YET – *just leave some space next to each name for later*.

If you do want to do this “digitally”, rather than with pen or paper, that’s OK, but I do recommend that you have a printout too that you can access quickly & easily near your phone (or even on it, if it’s digital).

*DO NOT* pre-judge!

Tired? Busy? JUST TRY AND ADD a minimum of TWO NEW PEOPLE TO EACH LIST EACH DAY.  You will be *amazed* how your list of contacts will grow over time.

Never, never, never, never, ever say to yourself:

“Oh, they will be brilliant/rubbish/can’t/can do this because…..”

From experience:

Those you think will do this, might well not, and those you think would never be interested, might well be!


It’s not our job to decide for others whether they can or can’t do this business.

It’s not our job to persuade anybody. We just want to show them the business (more on HOW to do that later) so that, when the time is right for THEM, they will be able to make the best, informed decision as possible.

So what does F.R.O.G.S. stands for??


List every friend that you know now and have know in the past, from work, neighbours, old school friends, just get them all down. It doesn’t matter whether you have lost touch. Get them on the list. You’ll have such an adventure finding them and it will turn up loads more prospects in the process!


Write down every relative young and old over 18, doesn’t matter how old they are! (the oldes distributor in Utility Warehouse is 90 & the youngest 18!), put them on the list. Older relatives are a great source of family information and can give you loads of names that you didn’t know existed. And guess what? Sometimes they even join themselves! How many of your older relatives do you think would like to supplement their pension these days?


….is everybody that you know from your work, clubs, societies, sports, church etc. Put them ALL on your list under thisr section. They might be duplicated and crossed referenced from other parts of your prospect list such as friends. Doesn’t matter, put them down again. It may give you inspiration to come up with other names.


Who do you know in another suburb, town, different part of the country, Europe, or even the rest of the world? How many relatives do you have overseas? Africa, America,Australia, New Zealand etc? Have a relative with the British Forces stationed overseas? The great thing is expatriates always come into contact with other Ex Pats, and will spread the word for you.


…which simply means, right down all the relatives of the friends that you know, all the friends of the relatives that you know, the relatives AND friends of the people that you know in your organisations, and the same with your geography list AND the same name. If you know somebody elsewhere, do you know there friends or any of their relatives? They all need to go on your list.

“The people with the biggest list build the biggest businesses”


REMEMBER: Contact me once you’ve got around 25+ people on your list, and then I’ll take you through a 2 minute exercise to help you identify the best people to approach first and what to say to them & how I can be involved.

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